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National Consultation Meeting for Indonesia’s NAP Development

In order to harmonize the regional SAP with the National Action Plan (NAP), also with the Government of Indonesia policy on Marine and Fisheries sector, consultation meeting with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia was conducted. This meeting seek for inputs and comments from governments, and other stakeholders which will be compiled in the draft NAP of Indonesia.

The first meeting was conducted on August 14. In this meeting,  initial draft NAP was presented by ATSEA Indonesia National Coordinator, Prof. Subhat Nurhakim, and continues with the discussion. From this meeting, participants agreed the need to establish “Five Working Group” namely: (1) Fisheries, (2) Biodiversity, (3) Pollution, (4) Climate Change and (5) Governance. Therefore, each issue of PECs can be discussed more precise and realistic.

The second meeting was held on September 19, and attended by 5 working groups identified before. Each of 5 working groups consists of Government representatives and NGOs.

Result of this meeting:

  1. Participants from working group Fisheries, Biodiversity, Pollution, and Climate Change recommend to refine the goal, operational objectives, targets and priority actions under each NAP component. The suggestions will be elaborated in the revised draft NAP.
  2. The government representatives were also share their existing program that can be linked and support the priority actions that identified in NAP .
  3. The participants of Governance Working Group have agreed:
  • To develop the regulation as the legal basis to execute the proposed actions identified in NAP (or SAP). In the national level, can be achieved through ministerial decree, or at least its senior officer.
  • To arrange the institutions in the national and district level.
  • The principles of the Governance of NAP
  • To increase stakeholders’ involvement
  • To seek and manage the fund
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of NAP

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