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FGD ATSEA Cruise Data

ATSEA Cruise Technical Meeting II is the second and meeting of ATSEA Cruise Program before the actual research. The meeting discussed 4 agendas: Cruise Presentation and Station Plan, Cruise Plan, Activity at Station, and Administrative issues. The meeting was attended by 34 invitee, from Indonesia, Australia, and Timor Leste.

ATSEA Cruise Technical Meeting II is the second and the final grand meeting before the research cruise executed. Many changes and decision was made of ATSEA Cruise initial proposal. Cruise Presentation and Station Plan is a presentation about ATSEA Cruise, including background, scientific purpose, and methodological approach, by Dr.Tonny Wagey. Cruise Plan brought several issues concerning ATSEA Cruise time estimation, members and crews, and types of research at each sea. Activity at Station discussed the issues further, especially concerning modification for the cruise track, the location research stations, and suitable station for each research activity. Administrative Issues had two main topics, the first is idea of making sub-groups for each research activities. 12 subgroups was formed, based on the expertise and institution of the researchers. The second and last issue discussed is the administration progress on research permit and procedures.

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