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Workshop on Problems and Solutions in Numeric Modeling of Karst Aquifers

The workshop on Problems and Solutions in Numeric Modeling of Karst Aquifers will be held in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 5 to 7 June 2013.

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Jun 05, 2013 08:00 AM to
Jun 07, 2013 05:00 PM

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This three-day, hands-on experience workshop will cover practical aspects of developing conceptual and numeric models of groundwater flow in karst terrains. Model conceptualization and data preparation for input into numeric model will be performed in a GIS environment, whereas numeric modeling will be performed using computer program Groundwater Vistas, a graphic user interface, and the latest modules of Modflow specifically developed for karst groundwater problems – CFP (Conduit Flow Process) and USG (Un-Structured Grids).

Instructors and Tools

Instructors of the workshop will be Neven Kresic (Amec Environment and Infrastructure, Inc., USA) and Alex Mikszewski (Woodard & Curran, USA). All necessary documentation will be prepared by the instructors and sent to participants before the workshop.

All participants will be provided a fully-functional newest version of Groundwater Vistas free of charge during the workshop time (full version-confirmed by Environmental Simulations, Inc. (ESI)).  The program will remain active for 30 days following completion of the workshop. Additionally, each participant will be able to purchase Groundwater Vistas with significant discount directly from their author (Jim Rumbaugh).

Karst model imageOrganizers

The workshop will be organized by the Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska, the Faculty of Mining and Geology of Belgrade University and the DIKTAS project. The workshop will be also supported by Hydro-power company “Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici”.

Logistical Information

The workshop will be hosted in the Hydro power company “Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici” premises.

Accommodation for participants will be arranged near the workshop venue.


For more information please contact Mr. Boban Jolovic.




The image is courtesy of Dr. Sasa Milanovic (Centre for Karst Hydrogeology-University of Belgrade).